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Frequently Asked Questions:

This page will be completed shortly as the list of potential questions could be endless!

In the meantime, please let us know what your questions are and we may add them to our list to display for all.


Here are a few to start of with:

Q1: I have registered and my profile had been accepted and I wish to make show interest to another member. How do i do this?
A1: Click on the yellow ‘show interest’ button and this will show you a choice of messages to let her know you wish to make contact.

Q2: I have made contact with another member and were both interested in each other as i see the two hearts symbol when i view her profile. How do i make contact with her and exchange e-mail, msn/yahoo and/or telephone numbers?
A2: To send a message written by yourself to other member that is also interested in you, you must be a paying member. As soon as you try to send her a message, you will be directed to a secure payment screen.
One you are a Premium (paying) member, you may then send further messages to her and she may reply with her message and your communication my then continue.

Q3: What’s the difference between a being a Member and  a Premium Member?

A3: Once you have submitted a profile and have been accepted by our editorial team, you are classed as a member. If you then choose to make contact wither another member, either by paying as a Subscribed Member or a PPP Member, then you are classed as a Premium Member.

Q4: What are your charges for being a Premium Member?

Q4: As a subscribed member, you pay as little as $10 (USD) per month and you may then contact as many members as you wish for that period pf time. However, if you choose to subscribe for longer than 1 month, your monthly fee is lowered by up to 33%!

As a PPP Member, you Pay Per Profile. This is a great way for members that would rather not pay for a whole month and just contact each member they are interested in. You simple pay by text message using your mobile phone. This is charged at £1.50 (GBP) + Standard Network Charges and is currently only available if you are texting from the UK.

Q5: Can i chat online with other members?

A5: Yes, all premium may use our unique, custom made chat module.

Q6: What is the ‘who’s checking me section?’
A6: This lets you know which members have been viewing your profile, when and how many times.

Q7: Can same profiles of the same gender contact each other?
A7: No, this is not possible at the current time.

Q8: How accurate is the ‘distance from you’ figure?
Q8: This is devised based on Zip/Postal codes in the UK and US only. It is the distance from your zip/postal code to the other party, in a straight line. It does not take roads, (traffic!) and journey times into consideration and is therefore likely to be the closest they are from you.

Q9: I submitted my profile but it was not accepted, how strict are your profile requirements?
A9: Very strict – only descent, attractive and well written profiles are accepted by our editorial team; at their discretion. So keep trying and you may be accepted for Membership.

Q10: Do I have to submit a photograph?
A10: A photograph is not a strict requirement; however photos do tend to increase the likelihood (by up to 20 times!) of your profile being viewed and catching your potential partner’s eye. Profile with photographs will also be given priority in search results, further enhancing the chances of your profile ‘sticking out’ in the crowed.

Anything missing from the above list?  Let us know: questions(at)relasianships.net



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